Turnkey projects are realized in the areas given below under the Information Systems Program under the Office of Deputy Director Manager for Information and Security Technologies and maintenance services are given for the systems delivered to customers.

  • Development and application of corporate resource management systems
  • Development of e-government automation systems specific to institutions and in line with the customer requests
  • Modernization of systems infrastructure and integration between customer systems/platforms.
Having successfully implemented the largest projects in the field of development and application of the Corporation Resource Management (KKY) systems, HAVELSAN A.Ş. offers maintenance support for the systems it has developed, and also follows new business opportunities in this field. The HvBS project, referred to as a model system in military field, has helped HAVELSAN to become one of the leading companies in KKY applications worldwide. HAVELSAN continues its extensive business development activities in the Gulf and North Africa regions in order to market its experience gained in the HvBS project.
The SAP - HAVELSAN collaboration in the international marketing of this system, developed on the SAP-ERP platform, is continuing at an ever-increasing pace. The development of automation systems, which are institution-specific and in line with customer requirements, is one of the activities conducted within the program as well. Systems such as the Electronic Document Management/Document Management System (EBYS/DYS), Judiciary Automation System (HOP), Land Registry and Cadastral Information System (TAKBIS), Electronic Ticket Sales System (EYBIS) have been developed under this program and marketing experiences of HAVELSAN gained in these fields are continuing intensively. Export of the TAKBIS system to Iraq is a good example in terms of expansion to the international markets in these areas.
We, as HAVELSAN, are also active in areas such as the renewal of system infrastructures of customers, establishment of modern system rooms, integration among existing information systems, mobile platform and kiosk integrations.
The engineering capabilities of the Office of Deputy General Manager of Information and Security Technologies given below are employed to conduct these activities:
Development of Framework Software
Java, .NET and C++ based software frameworks are created by using up-to-date software technologies and enterprise information systems are developed on these frameworks.
Enterprise Information System Customization and Development
Business processes to be handled within the scope of automation are analyzed in a customer environment. High value-added solutions facilitating daily routines of both the end user staff and the administrators are created.
Based on the needs of enterprises and analysis made, the ERP package that will meet such needs is customized and/or a new corporate focused information system is developed.
Mobile Software Development
Mobile software development activities are carried out for iOS and Android platforms using the mobile technologies to enhance customer satisfaction and reach larger target groups. These activities include both multi-layered projects and stand-alone mobile applications.
System Installation and Integration
System and hardware infrastructure of the enterprises are analyzed in a customer environment. The following activities are carried out based on the needs of the corporation and the analysis conducted.
Hardware and Infrastructure Installation
  • Design and installation of system rooms
  • Restructuring and arrangement of system rooms
  • Organizing of network cabling and cabinets
  • Monitoring of system room and solutions for fire-fighting fire, heating, moisture, flooding
  • Physical installation of switch, router, server and storage.
Network Organization
  • Router configuration
  • Switch configuration
  • Network security configurations
  • Network connections  and line allocation procedures
  • Network operation maintenance services
  • Troubleshooting and operational activities.
Operating Systems & Virtualization Installations
  • Installation and configuration of server and storage units
  • Installation of operating systems (Microsoft Windows Server, Linux, etc.)
  • Virtualization (VMware, Citrix, Microsoft HyperV)
  • System management software (SCCM, SCOM, CA, HP SIM)
Corporate Resource Management and Database Installations
  • Installation, configuration and management (SAP-ERP) of Corporate Resource Management System (KKY)
  • Installation, configuration and management of Decision Support Systems (DSS)
  • Installation, configuration and management of application servers
  • Installation and configuration of databases (Oracle, DBII, SQL Server etc.).
Application Installations
  • Backup Applications (Tivoli, Arcserve, Netbackup, etc.)
  • Anti-Virus Software (Symantec, McAfee, Norton, Eset, etc.)
Compliance of the Software with Quality Standards
All engineering processes of software suitable with the intended usage by our customer that is affordable and timely-delivered to the customer with an acceptable level of failure and for which maintenance can be given, is applied in accordance with the following standards:
• CMMI Level-3
• DO-178B
• Open SAMM