The quantity of data needed to be analyzed as well as the number and speed of data sources such as the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), satellite, aerial photos, have increased in such a way that it is not possible anymore to  manually process such data only by trained personnel. Which in turn makes it necessary to make use of automatic identification methods for data handling and processing. 
In this regard, HAVELSAN has been developing automatic identification and recognition methods and software in order to be able to process the necessary intelligence information.
The launch and activation of  the RASAT satellite, which was the first of our national intelligence satellites, and the increase in intelligence data by the GÖKTÜRK 1 and GÖKTÜRK 2 satellites combined with even more anticipated increase have made automatic processing of these data necessary.

Additionally, the number of UAV images is increasing by means of the UAVs of the Turkish Armed Forces together with the arrival of UAVs developed by TAI. HAVELSAN provides the necessary system solutions for processing all of this data in a fast, effective, accurate and automatic way.

Capabilities have been gained from processing, managing and exploitation of data on the images/pictures produced by different satellites (IKONOS, GEOEYE, WORLDVIEW, RASAT, GÖKTÜRK1 and GÖKTÜRK2, aerial photo sources and automatic target acquisition. In addition, video processing capabilities such as Moving Object Tracking on UAV videos have been realized by our Company.
Raw data obtained from the sources given above is subjected to a series of preparatory operations  before exploitation, which is called pre-processing. Some of these pre‐processing operations are: Ortho-rectification, geographic referencing, pan sharpening, radiometric correction, atmospheric correction, brightness setting, contrast correction, gamma correction, histogram equalization etc. HAVELSAN has developed and continues to develop its own specific processing algorithms for its respective operations.
In order to gain further improvements on the images, they are subjected to one more series of preparatory operations  after pre-processing activities.

Some of these are: Brightness correction, gamma correction, colour saturation correction, histogram equalization, taking negative at gray level. Operations related to combining more than one images, taken to complement each other, by using overlay areas to obtain one larger image are also performed by our company (Mosaicing).