Under the scope of the F-16 Simulator Procurement Project (F16SİM),  Mission Training Centers have been delivered to the Air Force Command in 4th Main Jet Base Command (Ankara), 9th Main Jet Base Command (Balıkesir), 6th Main Jet Base Command (Bandırma), 8th Main Jet Base Command (Diyarbakır), 5th Main Jet Base Command (Merzifon) and 3rd Main Jet Base Command (Konya)  F-16C Mission Training Centers contain Full Mission Simulators, Weapons and Tactics Trainers, Forward Air Controller Trainer, Tactical Monitoring Center and  Debriefing Systems.  In this scope, five Full Mission Simulators, 17 Weapons and Tactics Trainers, one Forward Air Controller Trainer, one Tactical Monitoring Center and six Debriefing Systems have been delivered to the Air Force Command.

     With F-16C Mission Training Centers;

1) 2- an 4- formation flights have been performed in a virtual environment, and
2) The capability to have 23 pilots in different geographical locations communicate with each other over the Armed Forces communication network (TAFICS) and carry out the same mission simultaneously in combat conditions in virtual environment has been achieved for the first time,
3) A virtual environment has been created for F-16 pilots and Forward Air Controllers to have an integrated training,
4) With Tactical Monitoring Center, a center has been created to centrally carry out and assess large missions with international participation, such as Anatolian Eagle, through simulators in a virtual environment, and
5) Modern capabilities such as air-to-air refueling, AWACS and Link-16  have been simulated in Turkey.