With ARISİM and TESİM Projects, a Basic Training Aircraft Mission Training Center has been established for Air Force Command in 2nd Main Jet Base Command (İzmir) for modernized T-38 and KT1-T Basic Training Aircraft trainings. With this Mission Training Center, orientation, basic and jet advanced trainings are fully provided for the Air Force Command trainee pilots with high-fidelity simulation systems.

  With this center;
  1) an integrated environment that extensively meets pilot training needs from boarding and de-boarding an aircraft to simulated ammunition firing trainings has been created, also
  2) Built-in controls, engine start-up, taxiing procedures, pre-take-off/post-landing controls and engine stop trainings using  avionics systems the same as or highly similar to the aircraft systems,
  3) Take-off, instrumental and pilot navigation, approach, touch and go and landing trainings using high definition spherical display system depicting a 270-degree horizontal and 115-degree vertical wide angle and high definition view,
  4) Aircraft and emergency avionics systems using more than 150 simulated failures and emergencies, and
  5) Anomalies, acrobatic maneuvers, stall and spin trainings using high-fidelity physics-based aerodynamic simulation models are provided.

  Under TESİM Project, 7 simulators including;
  2 x KT-1 aircraft Operational Flight Training Simulator,
  2 x KT-1 aircraft Instrument Flight Training Simulator,
  2 x KT-1 aircraft Aircraft Training Device,
  1 x Aircraft Evacuation Trainer, and
 Under ARISİM Project, 4 simulators including;
 2 x T-38 aircraft Operational Flight Training Simulator,
 2 x T-38 flight Instrument Flight Training Simulator have been delivered by HAVELSAN to the Air Force Command.