Submarine Diving Simulator Training Centre is a modern training center designed to house all the software and hardware items comprising simulators of U209 and U214 Submarine models. The simulator building consists of the main sections described below:
Submarine Diving Simulator (Simulator): This simulator includes the software and hardware that will be used for trainings on diving and surfacing operations and underwater and surface management and control of the existing Submarines of the Naval Forces Command. It consists of an Instructor Room, Diving Cabin, Observer Room and the physical equipment between these compartments, and the underlying subsystems and connections and the building and the associated infrastructure.
Diving Cabin (DC): This cabin has a similar hardware/look of a real submarine maneuvering room and can be moved on at least 2 (two) axes as in the movements of simulated submarine.
Simulator Area: This section has been designed to functionally and/or visually reflect the current maneuvering rooms of Preveze/Gür Class (U209) and Air-Independent (U214) Submarines and comprises 2 separate simulator areas with a Diving Cabin and Instructor Room, for control purposes.
Instructor Room (IR): This section has the systems for the instructors, who will operate the simulator, for activation and deactivation of the Diving Cabin and other sub-systems, commanding training levels and scenarios, training planning, recording, analysis, audio and visual contact with trainees, emergency shutdown button, evacuation, control of fire and emergency panels to be installed in the simulator building and communication with the Observer Room as well as the performance of other duties detailed in this technical specifications sheet.
Observer Room: This room has a capacity of 25 (twenty five) people and will be equipped with a variety of utilities to be specified in the design phase of the simulator in order to monitor the briefings before and after training and the activities performed during training for each simulator.
Classroom: This room has a capacity of 50 (fifty) people and will be equipped with a variety of utilities in order to conduct trainings for trainee officers and non-commissioned officers before the applied diving trainings.
Laboratories: This section comprises 1 (one) Machine Laboratory, 1 (one) Weapons Laboratory and 1 (one) Electronics Laboratory to be equipped with necessary utilities in order to train trainee officers and non-commissioned officers before the applied diving trainings.
Offices: The section consists of at least 4 (four) office rooms to be used for the administrative needs of the simulator and the building.
Conference Hall: This section has a seating capacity of 120 (one hundred twenty) people.
System Room: This is/are section(s) where uninterrupted power supplies and various electronic/mechanic systems for each simulator will be located.
Simulator Air Conditioning Room: The section will house the air-conditioning systems to ensure proper air-conditioning for each diving simulator according to its operating conditions.
Shops: These are the sections where tailor shop, laundry, barber shop, Garage Supervisor Room, repair shops and 3 warehouse units will be located.
Storeroom: This section is equipped with proper storage of spare parts for the diving simulators.


  • Diving and surfacing trainings
  • Charge - Discharge trainings
  • Underwater trainings up to maximum diving depth
  • Change and preservation of depth
  • Changing route
  • Rotation at  different steering angles and speeds
  • Using of fore and aft horizontal rudder
  • Navigation with snorkeling
  • Depth control at high speed
  • Navigation and static surfacing and diving at various depths
  • Trim actions
  • Effect of torpedo firing
  • Effects of sea state, stream and bottom structure on underwater and near-surface navigation 
  • Effect of density difference
  • Effect of raising and lowering the snorkel, navigation and attack periscopes
  • Emergency situation trainings