A Forest Fire Fighting Center has been established in Antalya under the FFFTS Project. The training center contains rooms designed for role players to use the FFFTS and Computer Based Training System classrooms established under the FFFTS Project for theoretical training.

At the Forest Fire Fighting Center, first theoretical knowledge on forest fires is provided at classrooms with Computer-Based Training System, and the trainees undergo an exam through a constituent part of the system called Exam Control System.  At the end of the exam, successful trainers proceed with forest fire fighting training on the simulators. The goal of the training to learn how to carry out the tasks during the forest fire fighting, ensure effective utilization of the personnel and vehicles under their supervision and  increase capabilities of coordination with other units. Each trainee is assigned a role in the scenario created by the instructor to respond to a forest fire. At the end of the training, the trainees are able to watch their response at the debriefing room and undergo a "lessons learned" session through a walk-through on their errors by experienced instructors to strengthen their response techniques.

An accommodation facility was built within the training facility for the trainees, and also facilities was also completed therein for their physical training.