Integrated Air and Missile Defense Training Centre is a system designed to train air defense operators and military personnel at decision-making command level with advantages of simulation / simulator technology. The Training Centre can be used both operatively and at tactical level.
Integrated Air and Missile Defense Training Centre will be used to conduct on-the-job trainings in air defense scenarios for the roles such as;

  • Platoon Commander,
  • Radar Operator,
  • Gunner,
  • Artillery Commander, Artillery Fire Control Operator,
  • System Operator,
  • Command and Control Operator,
  • Missile Launch Control Operator,
  • Battery Launch Control Centre
  • Battalion Firing Control Centre
  • ERIMAY and Link16 Operator.
The training center is being developed in two phases:
Phase 1: Development activities for the following air defense systems will commence;
  • Korkut - Self-Propelled Air Defense Gun System
  • Hisar-A - Low Altitude Air Defense Missile System
  • Hisar-O - Medium Range Air Defense Missile System
  • Firing Control Devices (FCD).
and console and process trainings on the above will be given.
For this purpose, operator and commander console in the existing systems and the workflows between them will be taken into account. Tactical peripheral software to be used will make real-like simulations of all acting (an intelligent entity that detects, makes decisions and can act) and stationary and moving entities available within a certain scenario to the extent that meets the objective.
In the Phase 2, simulators of the Pedestal Mounted Stinger and other Air Defense Systems already in the service / to be included the inventory of Turkish Armed Forces will be integrated to the training Centre.
Simulations of interfaces of the Airborne Early Warning and Command Control System are also planned at the Training Centre. Training Centre and associated systems will be developed in compatible with open architecture, decentralized processing environment and HLA (High Level Architecture) standards. Thus, it will also be possible to integrate the simulators of other air defense systems in service, or to be procured in future, with the Integrated Air and Missile Defense Training Centre if necessary preconditions are met.