TMIS Software provides arrangement of maintenance activities necessary to ensure continuous availability of the trainings at Simulator Centers and the equipment used at these trainings.
   In addition to planning, TMIS also helps with performing administrative works at the simulator centers. TMIS can be used to keep records of incoming and outgoing documents, create weekly activity reports or record important activities and so forth. Entries into and actions processed at TMIS are recorded. Messages produced by simulators can be viewed at TMIS.
   The training contents are entered into TMIS and used during the planning. Thus, instructors can better manage the time by observing the progress of the trainings according to the syllabus.
  One of the most important properties of TMIS is that it has a module where maintenance, repair and logistics support activities are organized. All failures that occur at the simulator center are notified to the maintenance personnel using TMIS. The concerned user is alerted when the failure information is entered, which ensures quick troubleshooting. All activities from occurrence of the failure to troubleshooting are recorded.
  Periodic maintenance of simulators is followed up from TMIS. Maintenance personnel determines the maintenance operations and generate a list of them in the form of a "Check List". The manpower and materials required for these operations are determined and the operations are carried out in the most effective way.
 All materials to be used at troubleshooting and maintenance activities are built-in in the system. TMIS also performs inventory management of materials. Supply personnel shall be alerted by the system when the inventory falls below the designated level, as well as about inventory entries and exits of necessary materials.