Flight Simulator maturity is assessed according to their compliance with criteria defined in regulations stipulated by international authorities (EASA, ICAO, FAA). Simulators undergo qualification/initial evaluation and periodical recurrent evaluations from the moment they are in service. Although this requirement is indispensable in Civil Aviation, compliance with criteria may also be sought for flight simulators used for military purposes.

Pursuant to the protocol signed between HAVELSAN and Civil Aviation General Directorate (CAGD), following accreditation of CAGD by EASA, initial evaluation and recurrent evaluations of all Flight Training Simulators/Aids in the nation shall be certified by CAGD.

According to the Subjective and Objective Test Results, Technical Evaluation of Flight Training Simulators/Aids will be performed by HAVELSAN Engineers and Field Specialists, and the Final Technical Report will be submitted to CAGD for approval.

In case of EASA accreditation, CAGD and HAVELSAN will also be able to perform initial evaluation and recurrent evaluations of any Flight Training Simulator/Aid abroad.