HAVELSAN SIL/OFP Team was established in 1999 under the coordination of  the Department of Technology and Weapon System Development of Eskisehir Air Supply and Maintenance Centre No. 1 in order to meet the requirements of Turkish Air Forces for software development and avionics integration in fighter aircrafts.
Under this scope, capabilities such as Operational Flight Software Development and System Integration Laboratory for the F-4, F-5 and F-16 fighter jets have been acquired from Lockheed Martin (USA), ELBIT (Israel) and IAI (Israel).
Improvements of these capabilities have enabled the use of domestic and foreign weapons and avionics on the fighter aircrafts of the Turkish Air Forces and modernization of avionics systems have been realized with national resources and capabilities. 
HAVELSAN offers support and consultancy services for development of domestic avionics, weapons systems and targeting pods with its 15 years of knowledge and experience.