Simulator Update and Modifications

HAVELSAN continues to carry out simulator modernization procedures with success.
Updating and modernization requirements can be listed as follows:

  • After updating the main platform, due to the fact that the simulation rate of existing simulators on the real system declines, training output also declines.
  • In time, it becomes difficult to work equipment that has become old and where the life span of the ELD has been completed.
  • As a result of gaining additional capabilities added to the system after acceptance, there is a need to increase training productivity.
Within this coverage, due to the reasons such updating and increasing the capabilities of existing simulators, reflecting on simulators updates of training conducted on the main platform and the  spare parts, services are provided on transfer to new equipment of operational simulator systems with old equipment which becomes difficult to work.  HAVELSAN analyzes the best possible solutions and thereby carries out maintenance as well as cost effective solutions during update stages.


NF-5 Visual System Modernization
Integration of the KGK Precision-Guided Munitions Simulator on the F-4E/2020 Simulator