Technical Support and Maintenance/Sustainment Services are rendered with an objective of availability ratio of minimum 95%. With its customer-oriented approach, superior quality concept, experienced technical staff and professional engineering services for the Technical Support and Maintenance/Sustainment services, HAVELSAN is heading towards becoming the top provider in this field.
Technical Support and Maintenance/Sustainment activities

  • Troubleshooting
  • Periodic Maintenance
  • Failure Reporting and Analysis
  • Materials Supply
  • Preparing and recording activity reports;
    • Preparing Monthly Activity Reports,
    • Preparing Quarterly Reports,
    • Preparing Semiannual Reports
  Maintained/sustained flight simulators
F16 Simulator Training Centre
  • 5 x Full Mission Simulator (FMS)
  • 17 x Weapons Tactics Trainer (WTT)
  • Tactical Monitoring Centre (TMC)
  • Forward Air Controller Trainer (FAC)
Basic Trainer Aircraft Simulator / Modernized T-38 Advanced Training Aircraft Simulator Training Centre
  • 2 x TESIM  Operational Flight Training Simulator (OFT)
  • 2 x TESIM Instrument Flight Simulator (IFT)
  • 2 x TESIM Aircraft Training Device (ATD)
  • 1 x TESIM Flight/Maintenance Crew Aircraft Evacuation Trainer (AET)
  • 2 x ARISIM Operational Flight Training Simulator (OFT)
  • 2 x ARISIM Instrument Flight Simulator (IFT)
S70D Blackhawk Training Simulators, Simulator Training Centre
  • 2 Full Blackhawk Mission Simulators (FMS)
  • Blackhawk Partial Mission Simulator (PMS)
  • Blackhawk Tactical Control Centre (TCC)
S70B Seahawk Training Simulators Simulator Training Centre
  • Seahawk Full Flight Simulator (FFS)
  • Seahawk Sensor Operator Trainer (SOT)
AS532 / 332 Cougar Training Simulators Simulator Training Centre
  • Seahawk Full Mission Simulator (FMS)
Systems other than maintained/sustained flight simulators:
Land Forces Training Simulators
  • Old Generation Forward Observer Training Simulator
  • New Generation Forward Observer Training Simulator
  • 227/607mm MLRS Fire Control Panel Simulator
  • Infantry Rifle Simulator
  • 120 mm Mortar Fire Training Simulator
  • ZMA/GZPT Crew Training Simulator
  • M48A5T2 Tank Training Simulator
  • Leopard 1 A3 Tank Training Simulator
  • M60 A3 Tank Training Simulator
  • Laser Combat Training /Conflict Simulator
  • Moving Target Simulator
  • Leopard 2 A4 Tank Driver Simulator
  • Leopard 2 A4 Team Battle Simulator
  • Leopard 2 A4 Turret Training Simulator
  • Leopard 2 A4 Driver Training Model
  • Leopard 2 A4 Body Maintenance Simulator
  • Leopard 2 A4 Turret Maintenance Simulator
South Korean Air Forces EWTS Radar Systems
 Pakistani Air Forces EWTTR Radar Systems
Turkish Air Forces Electronic Warfare Testing and Training Range (EWTTR) Radar Systems