HAVELSAN Electronic Warfare Information System (HEWIS) is a central information system that keeps all kinds of intelligence data on electronic warfare collected from friendly, enemy and neutral  platforms together (for example, positions, terms of use, technological specifications, etc.) . This data is of two kinds; Technical Data and Tactical Data. While Tactical Data corresponds to time-labeled platform/system position and usage data, Technical Data corresponds to definitions in parametric or free style writing form.  Also, HEWIS offers the user Electronic Order of Battle that allows the battlefield to be viewed and analyzed from the perspective of an electronic warfare specialist Electronic Order of Battle refers to the current, coordinated and consolidated "big" picture of the battlefield.       
       HEWIS consists of the following modules:

  • HEWIS Database (HDB) keeps all necessary data about land, naval and air elements (platforms and systems and weapons associated therewith). Also, users and their interactions are stored in the database.  
  • Technical Data Management Module (TEDM) is the module that enables the user to define and describe the platform/system/weapons parameters. TEDM contains a detailed threat library.
  • Tactical Data Management Module (TADM) allows transfer of tactical data about the electronic warfare obtained from intelligence sources to HEWIS.
  • Electronic Order of Battle Management Module (EOBM) provides a 2D/3D viewing of the battlefield from the perspective of electronic warfare specialist. As all data is labeled with date and time, this module is capable to display the changes in the EOB according to time. Also, the user is capable to define the level of detail on the display monitor.
  • Decision Support Module (DSM) is the main module that allows analysis and evaluations performed about the EOB.
  • System Management Module (SMM)) is the module that offers the capability to authorize users, manage and view their interaction.
     These modules work integrated with each other. HEWIS can be modified according to the needs of the end user. In addition, HEWIS can be integrated with the currently used military information systems. 
     HEWIS can be fitted with USMTF, NATO, ADatP-3, the commercial Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and even the data transfer modules supporting message exchange formats that are custom-defined in the system.
     HEWIS can be expandable with the appropriate converter and adapter to enable quick data entry from FLINT records once the interface definition documents for FLINT equipment are provided.
     Also, HEWIS can be expanded with system-specific EH libraries for programming/reprogramming the current EH systems using a centralized library. According to the interface definition documents for defining currently used specific EH systems,  converters and adapters can be developed where special mission definition files can be defined or directly downloaded into the system.