A Corporate Resource Management (KKY) System developed by HAVELSAN A.Ş. for the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) for effective and efficient management and execution of all corporate processes and has been in service since 2010. The Railway Operations Corporate Management Information System comprising the Management Information System, the Project Management Systems, the Material and Stock Control Management System, the Vehicle Maintenance Management System, the Infrastructure Assets Management System, the Human Resource Management System, the Financial Resources Management System, the International Ticket Sales and the Reservation Systems have been localized.
The KKY has all the necessary capabilities as a package solution for export markets. The Corporate Management Information System also developed under the TCDD-KKY Project is an indigenous railway operations solution ensuring the management of all freight and passenger operations pertaining to train planning and tracking application and in an integrated way with the finance and human resources systems. A new law passed by Parliament requires that the TCDD continue its operations and activities under two separate companies: One for infrastructure and the other for operations, effective in 2015.  Project activities have been initiated in order to upgrade and adapt the KKY system to this structural conversion.