The objective of the MATRIS Project is to create a flexible cost based tariff system for transportation activities conducted by the Freight Department of the TCDD. Determination of unit transportation cost for freight and creation of unit transportation tariffs will be performed with this Project. Information such as the number of trains, number of locomotives, number of cars, train personnel will be determined based on the quantity of freight, departure station, arrival station, weather conditions, road status and condition, which affect freight transportation.
The MATRIS software will enable comparative simulation of instantaneous and other sector prices for the selected line. MATRIS is a system that will work in integration with the TCDD KKY System and will be designed to make use of the data in the System. The Project aims at common and separate determination of the transportation fees of block transport, individual transport and other personal transport, additional revenue with respect to domestic and international transport and will provide price comparisons with other competitor transport modes (road).
One must know the actual cost to be able to offer an accurate quotation. MATRIS is a decision-support software that makes more precise cost estimates of freight transport orders received by the TCDD Freight Department by using up-to-date company data. The most significant benefit of the software is that it calculates the cost by taking into account the train type, route, freight, period and region of transportation available under the purchase order by using mathematical models. Pricing offers are given on this refined cost and line occupancy and the amount and type of orders that will affect the pricing process.