The HvBS Project was developed for the purpose of following up and monitoring all major businesses of the Turkish Air Force over a single information system. HvBS is an integrated application software necessary to manage strategic, tactical and operational functions, developed by various technologies and architectures, and is the biggest defined “Command and Control Information System” of Turkey in terms of its coverage.

The HvBS comprises three main components. Needs of the Turkish Air Force for operations (intelligence, operation planning, operation execution, etc.) are addressed under the title of Combat Management (MY). Combat Management consists of 52 modules.

Resource management activities (logistics, human resources and financial resources) of the Turkish Air Force are addressed under the title of Resources Management (KY). Resources Management consists of 12 main modules and about 80 sub-modules.

The Document Management System (DYS) is the third main component of the system and ensures that the entire correspondence of the organization is exchanged over electronic media. Use of e-signature has also started with the introduction of the DYS and the Turkish Air Force does not use paper for its internal correspondence. The Project started in 1999 and the system has been activated for live use following the completion of acceptance procedures in 2007.