The TAKBIS project has been realized in order to computerize all land registry and cadastral records throughout Turkey, to conduct all land registry and cadastral activities via a computer system and to effectively monitor and control both private and public property.

TAKBIS’s objective is to create a Land Registry and Cadastral Information System throughout Turkey. In this regard, the objectives are to address the problems in land registry and cadastral procedures and find solutions by analyzing land registry and cadastral services across the country under the logic of Geographic Information System (CBS/GIS) and the Land Information System (LIS); in this way, land registry and cadastral services will take place in a standard and electronic way and correct, reliable and updated information will be provided to local governments, public institutions and organizations under the logic of a land information system.
The project was realized in two phases from 2001 to 2009 and is one of the largest e-government projects successfully completed in Turkey. Our project was awarded the e-TR in 2006.