The Modernization Project of the Turkish Military Academy’s (TMA) Education and Training System is a set of separate subprojects.

The Multiple Integrated Laser Sighting System (ÇELNAS) Sub‐project covers applied conflict and tactical trainings on real-terrain using laser beams, which are not harmful to the eyes; imitate lethal aspects of modern combat; the Shooting Range (Firearms Shooting Range Electronic Target System) Sub-project; renewal of 25m. (handgun – 40 tracks) and 50m. (rifle – 40 tracks) semi-open Firearms Shooting Range Electronic Target System at the TMA campus.

The Martial Arts Training Area Sub‐project covers establishing 3 (three) separate training areas where training, practice and competitions are held in sport branches such as wrestling, judo, taekwondo and boxing in order to gain TMA students a combative spirit and to develop their feelings of courage and confidence.

The Laboratory Central Office Construction Sub‐project covers construction of laboratories for the engineering departments to address the increasing need for education and training of the TMA, and the building of premises including certain classrooms, lecture halls and study rooms which meet the requirements at the highest level to enhance the educational and training levels of TMA students one step further.

The Laboratory Central Office Laboratory Instruments and Equipment Sub‐project cover providing a modern, technologically supported infrastructure with information system materials, supporting education and training programs of TMA students.

The Building Reinforcement and Alteration of Dean's Office Sub‐project covers increasing load carrying capacity and anti-earthquake reinforcement of the building in accordance with the Surveying and Implementation Project approved at the related design phase following completion of construction and transportation activities of the Laboratory Central Office.