Today, many countries consider protection of “critical facilities/infrastructures” and ensuring sustainability of services within the scope of homeland security programs.
Critical infrastructures include the following and other similar structures:

  • Military Facilities/Guard Posts
  • Communication Systems
  • Emergency Systems
  • Public Facilities
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Water Treatment Plant
  • Defence Industry Centers
  • Oil and Gas Facilities
  • Power Plants
Critical infrastructures must be made secure against anticipated and unexpected threats and established in such a way so that they can render quick service after occurrence of the threat.
HAVELSAN is capable of creating solutions for the protection of critical facilities by using up-to-date technologies in all areas of design, engineering, installation, delivery, training, maintenance and services.
In the event of an emergency, solutions HAVELSAN provides ensure that the most appropriate measures are taken by providing a real-time common picture of the present situation. Our systems have the capability to operate in an integrated manner with other national preliminary systems in order to protect from, minimize and respond to threats.
Facilities where HAVELSAN has developed projects in critical facility security issues are given below:
  • Critical Military Facilities
  • Refineries, Storage Facilities and Pumping Stations
  • Power Generation Systems
  • Drinking Water Distribution Facilities
  • Airports.