Oil and gas facilities and transport infrastructures are the most important and valuable assets for a country.  Damage to oil or gas pipelines adversely affect the lives of the people in that region and may result in an environmental disaster. Our systems are capable of providing early warning against:

  • Unauthorized excavation, construction
  • Theft
  • Sabotage and terrorist attacks
by third parties against liquid and gas energy grids.
HAVELSAN provides pipeline security solutions equipped with the latest technology by using secure fiber optic communication for the protection of pipelines.Fiber cable detection technology offers a real-time early detection opportunity against attacks or outages in lines/facilities.  Installation can be carried out with rapid integration by using existing underground fiber cables. Pumping, compression and valve stations deployed on the ground along the lines are considered as critical infrastructure and protected with critical facility security solutions.
HAVELSAN offers solutions by utilizing video surveillance and fiber cable detection systems along the fences at strategic points in order to prevent unauthorized access to high speed ​​rail areas. These security solutions also contain crisis/emergency management, evacuation procedures and early alarm systems. Our goal here is to primarily ensure the health and safety of employees and passengers along with the protection of railway equipment.