Rapid improvement and a growing amount of camera data obtained from satellites, UAVs, air and ground platforms have made it impossible to evaluate and process all this data manually, which in turn requires automatic data processing and handling.

Multiple band images, which today have  attained increasing importance, as well as panchromatic (consisting of a single band), known for a considerable time and colored (consisting of 3 bands) images have been used for various military and civilian purposes. Images consisting of 2-7 bands are called multispectral whereas images consisting of a number of bands expressed in hundreds are named as hyperspectral images


Images consisting of a single band or 3-bands  only hold information visible to the human eye (400nm to 700nm spectral range) whereas multiple band images hold information of bands invisible to the human eye. Hyperspectral images that can provide information beyond the range of visual acuity of the human eye make many military and civilian projects possible. In this sense, HAVELSAN is the most equipped company in our country on such issues as automatic target detection, classification, agricultural analysis, environmental pollution, gas detection and highway analysis with its qualified manpower, cameras and equipment utilizing hyper spectral data.