Electro-Optic Sensor Integrations for Mini Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Electro-optical sensors specific to mini and micro UAV applications are selected which are particularly effective in physical security applications. Integration activities are then performed on these selected sensors in accordance with the aerodynamic structure of the air platform and its physical and electrical architecture. In this sense, engineering analysis and integration activities are conducted in such a way that it does not affect flight dynamics and maintains its mission in safe flights by fulfilling structural and electrical analysis for mini and micro UAVs. Sensor types are selected according to the project and integration design engineering is implemented.

Airborne Remote Sensing Sensor Platform Applications – IGT TUYGUN Platform Applications

Airborne remote sensing applications has gained increasing importance in areas such as homeland security, smart agricultural practices, geographical applications, mineral exploration, hazardous material analysis, environmental pollution, municipal applications, mapping activities, urban and regional planning. In this regard, platform design integration, modification and testing activities suitable with the remote sensing sensors that would be used for the respective application on the aerial vehicles are presented in regards to HAVELSAN’s engineering capabilities, specific to the customer.In this context, engineering analysis (in forms of structural, aerodynamic, electrical, environmental conditions, mission ergonomics, system safety, reliability, maintenance and operation analysis) and integration activities are conducted in order not to obscure flight safety and mission performance of the air platform and to perform safe remote sensing activities  and selection of suitable type of sensors is carried out in accordance with the selected project.