Aside from conventional net security solutions such as a firewall (FW), intrusion detection system/intrusion prevention system ((IDS/IPS), content filtering (CF), secure remote access (SSL VPN), email/Internet and antivirus gateway (AVGW), new technologies and daily threat solutions such as the new generation firewall (NGFW) and DDoS prevention are available. Additionally, HAVELSAN is developing a secure network gateway system and is able to provide its customers isolated networks with single/duplex secure data flow solutions.
In secure event record management (SIEM) solutions, aside from product assembly, integration, writing complex correlation rules, not only storing but emphasizing analysis and reporting are provided by competent and experienced professionals. At HAVELSAN’s Security Operations Center, records are monitored 7/24 by experienced observers. In addition, with large-scale data analysis capability anomalies can be determined from large amounts of paperwork.
By regularly monitoring the customer’s webs, detection of changes in existing assets or new assets, scanning, reporting, creating a risk map of the vulnerabilities of these assets and planning actions against security vulnerabilities that arise are rendered possible via vulnerability analysis products and services.
In the light of the experience gained from the many data center projects it has realized, HAVELSAN offers cabinets, system rooms, data centers and security solutions for their infrastructure systems, biometric ID verification, physical security, CCTV and a wide range of solutions and services in infrastructure security.
•   Net Security
•   Event, Records Management and Monitoring
•   Asset and Vulnerability Management
•   Infrastructure Security