HAVELSAN addresses information security in a hierarchy that manages the relationships with each other in layers, from raw data to applications that share information, to mobile platforms from one end to another by providing solutions and services without allowing security vulnerability. Prior to creating information the identification of data classification and data ownership is of utmost importance for information security and in particular data leakage prevention (DLP). Protection of database that stores data in the second layer, protecting critical data, access control,, monitoring authorized users, encryption, masking etc., and with many other methods solutions are provided according to needs.

In another layer, the security of applications that access these systems are tested, source code analysis (SCA) is conducted and currently under development the inclusion of a secure Software Development Life Cycle (S-SDLC) is recommended. BlackBox Testing for web applications in a production environment and the Manuel Test that requires advance capability and experience for web and other applications are applied. Additionally, a Vulnerability Scan and/or a professional Penetration Test are applied. Where necessary, Social Engineering techniques are included in the tests. Aside from all these test services, HAVELSAN has Secure Software Development Process Consultancy services. These applications provide Identification, Session and Role-Profile Management (IDM), Access Management and suitable solutions to desktop or mobile final user security needs. In addition, with Single Session Opening (SSO) technology, HAVELSAN can provide its customers a combination of security and user comfort.
•   Data Security
•   System Security
•   Security Tests
•   Access Security
•   Final User Security
•   Mobile Security