With its competent and experienced personnel HAVELSAN prepares the Information Security Status Report to its customers and provides Information Security Consulting Services on the creation and, if available, on improvements/maintenance of Information Security Management System at ISO-27001 standards.
For projects that require high security, HAVELSAN’s Security Architects provide Security Needs Analysis (Authorization, Access Controls, Encryption/Masking, Critical Data Identification etc.) Security Design (Physical Security Topology, Logical Security Topology, Application Security Layers, and Logging Level etc.) and Security Tightening services for live projects/systems.
HAVELSAN’s Security Compliance Team provides Compliance Control on IT Security Technology Standards (Information Security Management System, Application Security, IT Incident Management, Business Continuity etc.) for the ISO/IEC 27000 series and Compliance Supervision of relevant laws/regulations (BTK, BDDK etc.) on compliance issue requirements at BS Standards.
HAVELSAN provides IT Asset Based or IT Process Based Security Risk Management according to the customer’s requirements. With this service first an inventory (assets/process) for a Risk Map is identified and later all daily, technological and personnel risks are linked. Supplementary to these services, vulnerability outputs are utilized as a result of the Security Test Services. Risk values are identified of the likelihood of each risk and impact analysis is carried out in different categories (Financial, Regulative, Credibility etc.) and an appropriate risk management model is applied for the customer. The most important objective of this service is not just to provide a results report, but an appropriate Security Risk Management model application and to prepare the environment for a proper working of the life cycle.
•  Information Security Consulting
•  Security Architecture Design
•  Security Compliance Control
•  Security Risk Management