HAVELSAN has gained exceptional experience by installing data centers that contain large numbers of very large-scale, highly available, redundant and clustered systems where hot/cold backup of data, data archive and tape libraries are stored for many customers in different fields. For disaster situations, numerous and distinct disaster recovery centers were developed and the opportunity of business continuity was made available to its customers. In terms of infrastructure, these centers are fed by redundant power lines, generator, uninterrupted power source and houses, a high capacity redundant generator with reserve fuel, redundant air conditioner, emergency natural cooling, redundant fire detection and extinguisher etc.
For customers that request high business continuity, HAVELSAN primarily recommends the Business Continuity Plan (BCP), Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Threat and Risk Analysis (TRA), Recovery Point Objective (RPO), and the Recovery Time Objective (RTO), the Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) and the Business Continuity Analysis Service Package that contains relevant documentation libraries.
HAVELSAN designs, builds, operates and provides maintenance services for physical access security solutions of system rooms and data centers. With the cabinet lock and card access systems, biometric ID verification, CCTV and recording systems physical security solutions are available to meet requirements with different contents.
•  Redundant System Solutions
•  Disaster Center Solutions
•  System Room and Physical Access Security
•  Work Continuity Analysis Service Package