With its advanced technical infrastructure and capable and experienced staff,  HAVELSAN Cyber Security Laboratory provides a malicious software analysis service to test whether the requested applications houses a harmful content or not. For this analysis many methods and techniques such as static scanning, source code analysis, signature based scanning and anomaly identification are applied. The dimensions of the success of a harmful content or a known vulnerability within a given system or systems, its area of effectiveness, transmission pattern/speed and the scale of damage can be recreated. In addition, large-scale cyber war simulation can be applied.
HAVELSAN can dispatch its Computer Events Intervention Team (BOME) to customers that are faced with a security incident and on-site computer forensics can be carried out. By adopting proactive measures, following the industry closely and anticipating possible threats beforehand through the Cyber Intelligence Service, our customers can receive information on whether their sensitive/confidential information has leaked to the Internet and can receive information on whether cyber attack operations in their industry or organization have taken place as well as obtain information on relevant latest harmful software etc.
The know-how gained with the Security Operations Center services enables HAVELSAN to offer consulting services to its customers that wish to install their own security operations center.
•   Malicious Software Analysis
•   Computer Forensics
•   Cyber Intelligence
•   Cyber War Simulation
•   Product Verification Tests
•   Security Operations Center Consultancy
•   Advanced Level Cyber Defence Training