The Red Team are teams that have high level penetration capabilities that come first among active defence units in the concept of cyber security. Many organizations and companies around the globe have formed Red teams alongside penetration teams. HAVELSAN can provide this very special and advanced Red Team service to its corporate customers. In this way, organizations can be free of vulnerabilities observed in penetration tests and whether continuous or limited time, the teams can analyze against any vulnerability with the use of enemy/opponent motivated, complex attack models. In conclusion all of these services have the objective of protection and the conclusions are presented to the customer in a report.
Furthermore, HAVELSAN also offers its new corporate customers with the IT Fraud and Abuse Service. This Service covers the malicious use and abuse of IT application duty and authority that is not covered by internal control/inspection units, in particular not dwelled on by fraud units and that is widespread in the banking sector. This Service does not take into consideration such activities as exceeding authorization, unauthorized access, service delays, prevention of data leakage and similar situations.
The Red team while emphasizing the investigation of external threats, the IT Fraud and Abuse Service mainly investigates internal threats.