HAVELSAN is the only company who manufactures it’s own patented Ship Data Distribution Systems in Turkey. HAVELSAN designs, develops and implements SDDS using cutting edge technology and tailors all products to the specific requirements of the platform as well as of the customer.

HAVELSAN SDDS family is a;

• Very fast and Intelligent,
• Robust and Reliable,
• Modular,
• Dependable,
• Scalable and flexible solution for different size surface or subsurface platforms.

• Collects and prioritizes,
• Filters and distributes,
• Displays,
• Stamps and records the data.
Outstanding Specifications;
• Controls the remote sensors, if required.
• Redundancy is a key design concept.
• Expandable, the new sensors can easily be integrated.
• Simulates the data. The interfaced sensor data can be statically/ dynamically
• Electrically isolates the interfaces among the systems.
• Re-plays the recorded data.
• Utilizes performance evaluation of the sensors and weapons by using recorded data.
Two different variants of HAVELSAN SDDS have already been implemented in corvette and OPV size combatants. In addition, HAVELSAN SDDS has been reconfigured as Submarine Data Distribution System (DBDS™) for the New Type Submarine project.