In the light of the experience HAVELSAN provides in products and services in the areas of defence industry and IT, the needs of our country for cyber security and cloud computing technologies are critical and of major importance in which national and reliable high quality solutions, products and services are available and where development activities are being carried out in new products.
Technology has entered every facet of our daily life; the Internet has provided information and entertainment beyond quick access and has become a compulsory tool in its use in many areas. This dependence on technology and the Internet not only exposes individual information to the risk of cyber attacks but also raises the possibility of exposing national security to unwanted incidents that can pose threat. For these reasons, the development of effective, powerful, quality and national cyber defence systems, the provision of appropriate solutions and services, the analysis of cyber attacks and malicious software in a cyber security lab and the reenactment of its effects and other critical capabilities are obviously of importance for our national security. Solutions that will meet all of these needs are provided with HAVELSAN quality and reliability.