Air Force Information System

Air Force Information System (HvBS) is an enterprise information management tool which comprises all related and integrated work processes necessary to execute strategic, tactical and managerial functions of an Air Force. HvBS provides an integrated solution for operations, intelligence, flight training, human resources, financial management, strategic planning, logistics and document management. The main features are;

• Wide-range (+16000) of users at all levels of Air Force unit organization,
• Interoperable with the NATO and Military Command and Control Systems,
• Comprehensive functionality supporting all aspects of the military enterprise at all levels of command, across localities and platforms,
• Integrated solution for various technologies and architectures in support of the various processes in an integrated environment,
• “Best mix” of military and business processes to ensure an effective and efficient force,
• End-to-end information assurance, time on data delivery and secure data under all conditions utilizing capabilities such as high speed encryption, global authorization and sign-on services,
• Sustainability through ease of administration,
• Survivability through rugged and redundant IT architecture,
• Maintainability through service oriented open architecture.