Modernization program of the Combat Management Systems of G-class (ex. Perry) frigates initiated by the Turkish Navy aims at replacing the obsolete systems with modern GENESIS  Combat Management System.  As the main contractor for the Project, HAVELSAN has successfully completed the modernization of 8 G-Class Frigates in the timeframe imposed by the contract. In addition, integration of the frigate Data Link System (GVLS) and the three-dimensional radar to the CMS has also been ralized by HAVELSAN.

Installation of the new GENESIS CMS provides the following capabilities to the frigates:

  • Reduced reaction time against guided missiles by advanced automatic detection and tracking system and automatic reaction software.

  • High-degree of automation of combat system.

  • Centralized command and control,

  • Improved situational awareness and decision support,

  • Air, submarine, surface defence and electronic warfare support,

  • Naval gun fire support,

  • Increased durability and high availability,

  • On-board training capability

Today, Turkish frigates equipped with GENESIS CMS, are cruising around the globe from the Malacca Strait to the Gibraltar and successfully supporting the U.N. Mission for humaniatarian aid and in Peace Support and Cooperation for struggle against piracy. Upon achieving a remarkable success for the Turkish frigates, GENESIS is now ready to be installed on other Perry-class frigates  of other navies. Its’ open system architecture also allows GENESIS to be easily modified in order to be adapted for various other platforms.