MILGEM (National Corvette) Combat Systems

Parallel to the latest developments in the national defence industry, the Turkish Navy designs, developes and builds her own 2,000 tons corvette under the MILGEM program. As one of the largest local sub-contractors and the main system integrator for the navy, HAVELSAN integrates Combat Systems and provides Combat Management Systems (CMS).

 As for the Combat Management System, HAVELSAN offers an updated and tailored version of GENESIS Combat Management System for MILGEM to meet the requirements of the Turkish Navy. HAVELSAN CMS activities on MILGEM include;

• Combat Management on main warfare disciplines
• Track Management,
•  Navigation,
• Sensor/weapon control,
• Training, simulation and subsystem Integration.

HAVELSAN integration activities on MILGEM include design/production and integration of;

• Ship Data Distribution and Time System,
• Combat System Data and Video Network,
• Message Handling System,
• Ship Information System,
• ASW Torpedo Fire Control System.