Our Values

Continuous Learning and Development
By going after and learning the global developments and the most advanced technologies, we continuously develop ourselves, thus contributing to both HAVELSAN and its customers at all times.
By deriving lessons from our mistakes, we pursue innovations. We are surely curious; attach importance to remain current at any time; and receive the changes and the new ideas with open arms. And the last, but not the least, our way of thinking is based on data and is fed by cause and effect relationship.
Comprehensiveness and Participation
We understand the expectations of all our stakeholders, and generate participative products and solutions best fit to their expectations, needs and requirements.
We make much of and appreciate the thoughts, opinions and products of our employees. For the sake of timely generation of the best solution satisfactory for both our customers and us, we absolutely reach to fruition by finding and developing new alternatives if and when need be. And we continue to run believing in the strength of co-generation and knowing that differences and diversifications add value to common goals and objectives.
For our common goals and objectives, we always act together, complete each other, take care of our needs, and cooperate and help each other.
We take up the challenge all together against all and any experiences and incidents, either positive or negative… Hand in hand with all our business units, we make headway together towards our common goals and objectives, listen and hear each other, give support to our colleagues, and never leave them alone. We are a warm-hearted and adoring family all together, aside from being a reliable friend of each other.
Determination and Resolution
We continue working and striving for achieving our objectives and reaching the peak by standing up to all difficulties and obstacles.
We get through even the most difficult and toughest jobs in reliance upon our knowledge, experience, ambition, laboriousness and courage. Owning both our company and the job required to be done, we at all times endeavour to do our best resolutely and unwaveringly and on time. With our sense of responsibility, we continue to find out and produce solutions until accomplishment without ever giving up the fight.
Adding Value
At any moment, we push to the limits, and put our signature under original and authentic solutions creating difference for and adding value and meaning to our country, our stakeholders and our lives with full excitement and proud.
As individuals and as a team, we use our potential to the end full steam ahead with a view to accomplishing concrete results. We invest in future, and generate and create innovative ideas so as to perform our jobs in better and simpler ways. And we express our ideas and opinions at each opportunity and in each environment if and to the extent we believe in their strength to produce and add value.