Students with Special Talents

Students from Research Development Training and Application Centre High Schools (ARGEM) and Science and Arts Training Centres (BİLSEM) are hosted in HAVELSAN for 3 weeks every year. Aside from various different training programs, a Hackathon where students can apply what they have learned is organized at the end of each camp, and various prizes are awarded to winning groups.

Also in 2019, 18 students with special talents chosen and determined by the Ministry of National Education, the Presidency of Defence Industries and the Visionary Young Platform participated in HAVELSAN Summer Science Camp of 3 weeks.


For hackathon organized in the second week of camp, 3 separate groups of students developed projects by using artificial intelligence:

  • Canfeza Project aiming to meet the emergency blood needs arising in hospitals and blood centres by means of a map-based mobile application accessible by everyone is awarded the sensitivity prize; and
  • Career Caravan Project aiming to provide the students facing a difficulty in choice of profession with a road map showing which professions are fit for them is awarded the feasibility prize; and
  • ToPLAN Project aiming to find solutions for problems faced in meeting timing and venue planning with the help of an audio assistant by using natural language processing is awarded the efficiency prize.