To be a national and international leading system integrator firm in its field, having and offering software-intensive original and authentic solutions and products based on high and advanced technologies, in defence, security and information fields of business.
With a view to reaching high and advanced technologies, to develop high performance, top quality, cost-effective and reliable solutions, and to pioneer technological transformation.
Competitiveness and Productivity
By closely following up the needs, demands and expectations of the markets and customers and acting proactively, to convert opportunities to success stories, and to be an environment-friendly and profitable corporation having highly qualified personnel and using all of its resources effectively and efficiently.

To develop original, authentic and brand-new technologies by following up the tendencies and trends in technology world, and to ground on the continuous learning and improvement and innovativeness principles in line with needs and demands of the marketplace, and to accept the science and technology as its guide in all corporate activities and operations of every kind.

Stakeholder Satisfaction
By also taking the interests of stakeholders into consideration, to assure customer satisfaction, and to increase corporate loyalty and motivation in employees, and to be a trustworthy business partner for its suppliers and providers, and to enter into cooperation with leading national and international firms in its fields of business.

Commitment to Corporate Governance Principles and Ethical Values
To conduct its activities and operations within the frame of “equality, transparency, accountability and responsibility” principles, ethical values and social responsibility awareness and consciousness, which constitute the foundation of corporate governance.
In line with our vision and mission definitions, our strategical goals and objectives have been categorized under 4 main headings:

Objective 1: To be a pioneer in, and give maximum contribution to, the satisfaction of strategic needs and demands of our country based on software-intensive technologies by national solutions.

Objective 2: As a strategical business partner, to act as a consultant and counselling firm in technology management processes.

Objective 3: To be a leading software development firm and a system integrator in the targeted regions at home and abroad.

Objective 4: To be an innovative, effective, efficient and highly competitive firm in its fields of business.