Havelsan Web Application Firewall/Load Balancer is capable of detecting attacks on web applications, the number one target for cyber-attacks, and of ensuring load balancing for very high amount of network traffics.

Technical Specifications:

User Friendly GUI

  • Easy configuration wizard
  • Detailed tooltip texts

Multi Language User Interface

· Support for right to left languages

High Performance

· 40 Gbps throughput

· 6.000.000 L7 HTTP req/sec

Low Maintenance Effort

· Management by rule definitions

· Creating and updating rules without any coding

N-Active Technology – Flexible & Scalable Architecture

· Scalability up to 32 devices

Active RAM Technology

· Running on only RAM without doing any disk I/O

· No power outage or stability problem

Detailed Logging & SIEM Integration

· Customized log formats

Detailed Reporting

· Manager reports with statistical analysis data

· Various Graphs

· PDF reporting

Web Application Firewall Module

· SQL Injections

· Cross Site Scripting

· Cross Site Request Forgery

· Local & Remote File Inclusions

Multi-Tiered Caching and Acceleration

· Reduce server load by providing http-caching

· Provides efficient bandwidth usage with data compression

Positive and Negative Security Models

· Positive security model

· Negative security model

· OWASP standards compatibility

· Easy configuration

Load Balancing for OSI Layer 4-7

· Connection multiplexing

Application Distribution Platform

· Network optimization

Geo-based Application Delivery Platform

· Geo based application delivery platform

· Load balancing

· High performance DNS


What is Load Balancer (LB)? How Does It Work?
Load balancers are products that enable multiple servers to be run as a single server for the continuous and uninterrupted operation of the Information Technologies electronic servces. Basically, for the continuity of applications or servces, they ensure that requests from clients are distributed to the servers that run the application within the framework of specified policies.


What is Web Application Firewall (WAF)?
Web application firewalls are from the network application firewalls family that is developed to provide the security of web applications which are not protected by firewall and IDS/IPS devices. They are designed to secure web applications.

HAVELSAN LB/WAF is a Load Balancer or Web Application Firewall?
HAVELSAN LB/WAF is an advanced level Load Balancer and also a Web Application Firewall product. As a load balancing and web application firewall device, it analyzes the traffic passing through in detail and provides protection against attacks thanks to various algorithms.

Are There Any Differences of HAVELSAN LB/WAF Considering Equivalent Products?
HAVELSAN LB/WAF, which has been developed by Turkish engineers, has all features of the equivalent products and also has a user-friendly interface for easy use. In this way, configuration settings and rule definition operations can be performed quickly by users. HAVELSAN LB/WAF is able to compete with the sector leaders with its new generation technologies.

How Does HAVELSAN LB/WAF Work? In Which Layers? Does It Work As Virtual Machine or Appliance?
The product is designed to keep the application servers working when they are exposed to excessive network traffic or are unable to run, as well as to distribute the internet traffic on many servers according to customized load balancing algorithms. For this purpose, in addition to traditional load balancing systems, it uses the new generation switching technologies for layer 4-7, various customized application caching, acceleration technologies and can perform intelligent load balancing in layer 4 and layer 7 by working as appliance or virtual machine. It supports HTTP, HTTPS in Layer 7 and TCP protocols in Layer 4. It can be used as a bridge with its address conversion feature in IPv4 and IPv6 mixed networks, in addition to the load balancing feature in IPv4 and IPv6.

How Does HAVELSAN LB/WAF Detect Malicious Traffic?
Both positive and negative algorithms are supported to detect and block the malicious traffic. In other words, white listing and black listing opportunities are available. The users can activate related security model in their preferred level when they want.   

How Is Application Optimization Provided By HAVELSAN LB/WAF?
It provides not only high performance and additional security, but also provides resource saving by performing SSL termination to optimize the application performance. In addition, it provides faster application deployment and scalability by the optimization features such as caching, compression and TCP pooling.

How Can You Make Monitoring with HAVELSAN LB/WAF?
The syste allows you to monitor uninterruptedly the servces that require special attention and control. It warns you in advance of any possible malfunctions/attacks and presents a detailed report about the malfunction/attack. If any parameter deviates from its usual, the actions set which is predefined by the user is run. The tracking record/log contains a detailed and complete history of all actions taken and other parameters.

How Can You Make Server Redirecting with HAVELSAN LB/WAF?
Redirecting the requests to servers can be made based on the region, device, browser or other user-defined factors.

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Record: 1/18/2017