ATLASCare is an e-Health Suite that aims to provide health services in the most effective way and facilitate monitoring and managing of healthcare servıces continuously and in real time. It acts as the nervous system for the hospitals in terms of administrative and medical management. ATLASCare consists of integrated processes such as Patient Management, Ambulatory Care, Inpatient, Supportive Diagnostic Servces such as Laboratory and Imaging information systems, Inventory Management, Procurement, Billing/Financial information system and Human Resources Management systems. The system is designed in line with national and international standards and works integrated with national systems and medical devices.

ATLASCARE is a significant and remarkable solution for national and international health domains with its high-tech, robust, reliable, flexible, manageable, scalable and user-friendly structure/features.
  • Facilitates managing all administrative, medical and non-medical business processes of healthcare providers.
  • User-friendly interfaces, designed with user experience, provides ease of use.
  • Database-independent.
  • Operating system independent.
  • Browser-independent, Web-Based technology.
  • Cyber Security Enabled.
  • Provides high-level control and security through user-role and process-based authorizations.
  • Built-in integration tool that provides Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) architecture.
  • Complies with International standards.
  • Rule-Based Structure that enables Healthcare providers to define and implement organizational policies/procedures and specific rules/ processes.
  • Workflow based platform that reduces operational overhead.
  • ATLASCARE offers a wide range of solutions with best of breed third  party products supplied by HAVELSAN ecosystem stakeholders.
  • Ready to be rapidly adapted to the changing needs of the healthcare environment and fulfill user expectations.
  • Designed and developed by domain experts in line with the expectations of healthcare environment.
  • Provides localized/adapted solutions for specialty areas including but not limited to; Ophthalmology, Maternity, Pediatric and Rehabilitation.
  • Increases productivity and improves quality. Integrated healthcare solution which is expandable and scalable with its powerful modeling capability.

Record: 5/9/2019