Image Processing

Images and videos are analyzed within scope of Image Processing capabilities. The benefit the client yields from these capabilities is the automatic object detection and classification processes that the client cannot perform due to both large amounts of data and difficulty in comprehension of data.

EO/IR Image Analysis
EO/IR image analysis system allows automatic analysis of images obtained from satellites and aerial platforms, and automatic and semi-automatic object detection on such images. The user can also manually detect objects.

3-Dimensional Model Creation
Using stereo images received from satellite and aerial platforms, 3-dimensional models of roads and buildings are created. The user can manually draw the models in addition to fully automated / semi-automated model generation.

Video Processing
Moving object detection, tracking and classification are done on CCTV cameras. This capability can be used in critical facility security and smart city applications.

UAV Video Analysis
R&D works and activities on moving object detection, tracking and classification and variation analysis on videos received from UAVs are ongoing.

Pan-sharpening, pixelization, geographical referencing and ortho-rectification processes can be made over the satellite images.

Spectral Signature Library
Spectral signatures pertaining to relevant objects and background in the projects have been collected. The signatures collected are managed via the spectral library software. These signatures are used in object detection and classification.

Record: 1/18/2017