Management Information System

This Project covers re-analysis and development of 14 of Management Information Systems applications of the Land Forces Command. The project contract was signed on December 23, 2015. The project has three-year development duration with deliveries to be made each year and following development, a warranty term of two years. 

The MIS project is being developed with Microsoft .NET technology and Corporate Application Development Infrastructure (CADI - HAVELSAN Framework) is being used in accordance with the client requests. By means of this technology and framework being used, a structure with “user friendly” interfaces based on standards, featuring quick development and deployment is stipulated for the client. 

The MIS Project is developed with the Agile methodology and the client directly participates in each stage of software development processes. The needed are analyzed, requirements are listed and at the same time, design 
and software development activities go on. The modules developed are tested with the periodical assessment meetings held with the client and directions made ensure the software continues in the desired path. Finally, inclusion of the client in every step during the software development processes ensures client satisfaction from the beginning to the end of the project, and results in an embraced and accepted product.

The software to be developed under the project include the following: 
  • Management Information Systems General Structure (Framework and Application General Structure)
  • Operation Module
  • Military Engineering Information Analysis Module
  • Central Activity Follow-up Module
  • Organization, Material and Staff (OMS) Management Module
  • Directive Follow-up Module
  • Duty List Preparation and Follow-up Module

Record: 10/5/2017