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ADVENT Combat Management System (CMS), developed indigenously by HAVELSAN and ARMERKOM, has achieved remarkable success, both at home and abroad.


The first firing test with ADVENT was successfully carried out four years ago, and since then, the number of platforms which ADVENT CMS is delivered, planned for delivery and tested amounted to 33 platforms in the Turkish Navy soon. Additionally, 14 platforms in four countries have also been equipped with ADVENT CMS, making it a truly global success story.


ADVENT CMS is a unique CMS that provides a comprehensive range of capabilities, including sensor integration, track management, tactical decision support, and weapons control. It is a network-enabled system that allows for seamless integration and coordination between multiple platforms and assets.


The Turkish Navy held its largest official parade with 100 ships in Celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Turkish Republic. The fact that ADVENT CMS is used on the platforms of the Turkish Naval Forces is a matter of great pride for the Turkish nation and also for the HAVELSAN’s engineers.


The success of ADVENT CMS is a significant milestone for the Turkish defense industry. It demonstrates the ability of HAVELSAN to develop world-class defense systems. It also highlights the importance of investing in research and development to stay ahead of the curve in the rapidly evolving defense landscape.

31 10 2023
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