Developed by HAVELSAN, the secure communication and instant messaging app HAVELSAN Ileti is equipped with the world's first and only white-box cryptography and it is now used by major corporations and organizations in Turkey.



The White Box Cryptography Library enables Havelsan Ileti to protect personal keys in the software and any unauthorized access to the keys is blocked.



Ileti, which initially started to be used by the employees of HAVELSAN, is now made available for the staff of the Presidency of Defense Industries, the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, and the Turkish Competition Authority.



Developed by HAVELSAN's engineers based on original cryptography algorithms in cooperation with universities, the app is equipped with security technologies not included in existing mobile communication platforms. Providing staff with a means of secure communication based on security technologies, HAVELSAN Ileti also protects personal data, blocks any third party from having access to communications, and secures corporate/organizational data.



Ileti can be downloaded and upgraded without having to go to application stores (Google PlayStore, Apple Store, and so on).



Ileti by HAVELSAN allows the staff of organizations to send secure text, audio, and video messages to one another; share media, documents, and locations, and make group video chats within corporate/organizational groups. 



"One step ahead of other messaging apps"







 Dr. Mehmet Akif Nacar, the General Manager of HAVELSAN, told an AA reporter that the HAVELSAN Ileti has been developed in line with the criteria (requiring domestic products for inter-organizational and intra organizational communication) included in the Information and Communication Security Guide released by the Digital Transformation Office of the Presidency of Turkey. Dr. Nacar also touched on the security of the app: 



 "The White Box Cryptography Library enables HAVELSAN Ileti to make sure that data is securely transmitted and stored with a high level of software security. This places Ileti one step ahead of other instant-messaging applications in terms of security. In addition to end-to-end communication security, extra measures regarding communication security have been taken for the messaging product, which can be installed on the servers of organizations as part of information security. The central management dashboard allows organizations to manage users and groups, create organizational groups, and perform their management procedures.



HAVELSAN Ileti also enables people to quickly communicate and increases productivity in workplaces in the age of technology we live in as it is securely compatible with the existing systems that the organizations already have.”

01 11 2020
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