Product Features
    • Web Based Central Management
    • Managing High Volume Data with Big Data Infrastructure
    • LDAP Integration
    • Operating System Control at Kernel Level
    • Horizontal and Vertical Scalable Distributed Architectural Infrastructure (Microservice)
    • Container Based (Docker)
    • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) Support
    • Easy, Understandable and User-Friendly Dashboard
    • Rapid Policy and Event Log Transmission
    • Aggregated SMS and Email Notifications
    • Role-Based User Authorization
    • Dynamic Rule Sets
    • Rich Event Record Information
    • Evidence Summary
    • Detailed Evidence Filing Ability
    • Role-Based Event Record and Evidence Authorizations
    • Permission Management Policy Bypass
    • Common Criteria EAL4+ Certification
    • Encrypted Agent Removal

HAVELSAN DLP is a Data Leakage Prevention product that allows to prevent unauthorized data output from outside the organization, to provide information security in accordance with the determined blocking rules, to control the data if it is located correctly or not and is accessed by the right users. HAVELSAN DLP has high performance to meet the private security needs of large or small public institutions, other civil or military institutions and organizations.

HAVELSAN DLP, which has Common Criteria EAL4 + Certification, provides security of critical data in three ways; Endpoint, Exploration and Network. By means of these three methods, critical data are identified, analyzed, recorded and data leakage is prevented.

This is a small footprint agent software which is placed on clients. Exploration functions are also operated via DLP Endpoint software.

It is the software that analyzes network traffic. It does not require any installation to the clients. The software has features such as detection of critical data in motion, detection of critical content in network traffic without any need for an endpoint tool, analysis of SMTP, HTTP, HTTPS, FTP protocols, rich content analysis in all supported protocols, target URL tracking with HTTP protocol, IP address tracking in HTTP and FTP protocols, email address tracking with SMTP protocol, and separate protocol-based policy creation.

Detailed Content Analysis Methods
    • Partial and Total Content Analysis
    • Fingerprint Data Analysis
    • Extended Regular Expression Analysis
    • Dictionary Analysis
    • Metadata Analysis
    • Algorithmic Data Analysis (Structured Data)
Device Management
    • USB Data Transport Devices
    • USB Plug and Play Devices
    • CD/DVD
    • Smartphones
Advanced Exploration
    • Ability of Data in Rest Detection with Exploration Scans
    • Server Exploration Mechanisms Through Automatic Exploration Policies
    • Quarantine
File Classification
    • Manual File Classification Support for Windows and PARDUS
    • Automatic Classification for Critical Data Detected in Exploration Scans
    • Classifying File Formats with Unsupported Metadata (ADS)
Download HAVELSAN DLP Leaflet Download HAVELSAN DLP Leaflet