Product Features
    • Possibility of privatization and development by the institution,
    • Intelligent health decision support system (Artificial Intelligence),
    • High level security with effective authorizations,
    • Cyber ​​security enabled,
    • Working with the best ecosystem stakeholders in their field,
    • OS independent, including server side

It is very important to manage all the financial, administrative and medical processes necessary for the functioning of a healthcare institution with foresight and planning. In this context, Health Management Information Systems (HMIS) has become one of the most important building blocks of the health sector. HMIS is a software group that contains many different softwares developed for managing all the operations performed in a healthcare institution.

aims to create a strong added value by transferring its software capabilities and experiences in the field of defense to the health sector. For this purpose, ATLASCARE e-Health Suite has been developed, which provides both long-term and instant management and tracking of all operations for healthcare institutions aiming to increase the effectiveness of their services.

ATLASCARE can adapt quickly to the changing dynamics and requirements of the industry with its high technology, reliable, flexible, manageable and dynamic structure. In addition to having a user-friendly interface, the system offers a structure that is compatible with current technologies, supports international standards, can be expanded or scaled in line with customer demands. ATLASCARE is an effective product for national and international healthcare businesses with its features that have a strong technology experience and service model behind it.

    • Developed in C # software language on Net Framework 4.7 platform.
    • MVC (Model View Controller) architecture was used in the development of the system.
    • Angular 7 was chosen as the web application platform and Typescript 3 was used for front end programming.
    • DevExtreme, HTML5, browser independent operation and rich user interface are supported.
    • Operating system and database system also have the ability to work independently.

ATLASCARE is structured as the administrative, medical and managerial backbone of healthcare businesses. It includes integrated processes such as patient management, polyclinic, inpatient care, laboratory and imaging information systems, material management systems, financial information systems, human resources information systems.

ATLASCARE, which has been designed and developed in accordance with the Ministry of Health's Health Management Information System Purchase Guide (SBYS-AK) standards and legislation, can be effectively integrated with other systems used in the industry and can meet today's needs at the highest level.