Product Features
    • Easy to use, ability to produce analysis independent of field expertise such as IT or programming
    • Access to all internal and external data sources from a single center
    • Can be used as data-based decision support mechanism
    • Rich visualization options
    • Dominating the field of operations
    • Internal authorization and sharing feature for generated reports
    • Export of analysis outputs in various file types
    • Decreased external dependency due to being a software produced entirely with local resources and resources
    • Competitive price
    • Long-term support guarantee

In businesses and organizations with big data, managers try to produce reports and information notes that gather all the software, databases, external resources used by the organization through consultants and information workers in order to collect the necessary data during the decision making phase. However, these processes are not only costly in terms of time and effort, but they are also open to error because they contain the human factor at their center.

ASTARBI  is a business intelligence and data analytics solution developed by HAVELSAN  provides field experts with in-depth data analysis in areas such as security, health, training, transportation, banking and finance, regardless of their requirements for information technology and database query language competencies.

ASTARBI saves labor and time lost during manual analysis of data sources such as documents or images. With its easy-to-use interfaces, the software, which can easily analyze the data obtained from different sources by analyzing it in real time, also enables this visualized data to be quickly visualized and reported and shared. It is also possible to easily monitor these important analyzes from the same page by creating an instrument panel on ASTARBI , which can provide advanced analysis that plays a vital role in decision making, such as future predictions, using statistical algorithms.

ASTARBI, can provide users with effective, result-oriented and operational efficiency enhancements, regardless of the type and source of data desired to be analyzed. The software allows the visualization competencies it possesses to provide an understandable analysis and to share it with relevant internal and external stakeholders.

    • Multiple data integration - Relational databases (Mysql, Oracle, DB2, Sql Server etc.), Files, Geographic databases, Non-structured databases, Fixed and flowing data integration
    • Data archiving according to OLAP structure
    • Advanced analysis
    • Future forecast with machine learning
    • Rich visualization - Column chart, line chart, pie chart, scatter charts, bubble charts, histograms, heat maps, maps for location data
    • Evaluation board (dashboard)
    • Automatic warning system
    • Reporting
    • Authorization and sharing
    • Export all results with various file types
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