HAVELSAN Data Diode (DataFlowX)
New Generation Data Diode and Secure Node
Product Features
    • 1.8 TB PCIe3 NVMe Disk Capacity
    • Dual - Intel® XEON® 6C Processor
    • 256GB DDR4-2666 2Rx4 ECC REG DIMM Memory
    • 2 x 1GbE (1 x MGMT, 1 x Data) Network Interface
    • 1 Gbps DFX Fiber Optic Network Interface
    • 1U Rack Unit Size
    • Width 7.2 "(437mm), Height 1.7" (43mm), Depth 23.5 "(597mm)
    • 22.0 kg Weight
    • 700W Redundant Power Supply
    • 200-240Vac / 4.5 - 3.8A / 50-60Hz AC Input
    • RoHS RoHS Compliant
    • TEMPEST Compatibility No radio or electromagnetic signal is transmitted between HAVELSAN Data Diode TX module and RX module since only fiber optic cable is used.
    • CLI / SSH, Web Console / HTTPS Management
    • SFTP, HTTPS File Transfer Protocols Support
    • SYSLOG, E-Mail Notification Protocols Support
    • 10°C ~ 35°C Ambient Temperature

HAVELSAN Data Diode is a New Generation Data Diode developed in a modular structure to meet the inter-network data transfer needs of institutions and businesses that have isolated networks with defense, security, energy, distribution networks, financial institutions and sensitive data.


HAVELSAN Data Diode 1


HAVELSAN Data Diode runs on the PARDUS defense operating system. During the development of the product, the requirements, constraints and functional needs of security institutions were obtained. In this way, it has been specially designed to meet the requirements of sensitive information security policies.


There is no electrical and electromagnetic transmission between Data Diode modules, it only sends light beam over fiber optic. The sender and receiver modules can be located in separate security-level network cabinets and the distance between them can be meters long. In this way, it can be ensured that TEMPEST test is not required in the correct installation and usage scenarios of the products in environments with TEMPEST Facility Evaluation Approval in accordance with MYS 401-1 (B) TAF TEMPEST Directive or NATO SDIP-29/2.


HAVELSAN Data Diode has an alarm mechanism between the sender and receiver modules against physical interference, and the closed transmission between the two modules can be protected by encrypting with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI - AAA).


Data Diode comes with access control management feature on itself. Access permissions can be defined as a black list or a white list according to IP addresses. Both management interfaces and file transmission interfaces use a fully encrypted communication infrastructure.






HAVELSAN Data Diode is beyond being a data transfer element; it is a Next Generation Data Diode platform. The platform quickly integrates into the infrastructure without paying any additional license fees or requiring software development and adaptation processes, all users who are provided with corporate directory service start data transmission between networks in line with the predetermined security policies, SFTP and web-based and applications can transfer data securely to each other.



                       HAVELSAN Data Diode 3




HAVELSAN Data Diode is a secure gateway that can be easily commissioned between networks and domains with different security levels. It prevents internal and external traffic in the physical layer and allows only one-way communication. In this way, it seals critical and classified networks, but also provides controlled data traffic when needed.

  • Microsoft Exchange, SMTP and IMAP support
  • Dynamic Web API feature for retrieving frequently accessed data over HTTP/S
  • Different user roles, multi-user and Active Directory support
  • Transfer prioritization based on user, file extension and file type
  • Dynamic file tagging with script interface
  • Support to work with antivirus engine
  • Complex quarantine rules depending on AV scan result, HASH high school, file type, metadata and content
  • End-to-end encrypted transmission
  • File transfer capabilities with CIFS, NFS, SFTP and Web Interface
  • One-way synchronization support between your secure networks and cloud storage services
  • XML, JSON and YAML structured validation
  • Common Criteria EAL4 + Certification