Video Conference System
Product Features
    • Secure Video and Audio Conferencing
    • Webinar Mode
    • Lobby/Waiting Room Feature
    • Hand Raise Feature
    • Instant Public and Private Messaging During Meetings with Downloadable Messaging History
    • Whiteboard Feature
    • Meeting Recording
    • Secure File Sharing
    • Desktop and Application Screen Sharing
    • Dynamic Video Resolution Optimization
    • Background Noise Filtering
    • LDAP Integration
    • User Profile Based Role and Authorization
    • On-Premise Server Installation Support
    • Mobile Compatible Web Interface
    • Interface Support in Different Languages
    • Viewable and Downloadable Participant List
    • Customization Option with Brand, Logo and Domain Usage for Customers and Industries
    • Email Integration
    • Room Lock and Participant Password Setting
    • Assigning and Delegating Moderation
    • Multi Factor Authentication Support
    • Custom Authentication Protocol Implementation Support
    • SHA-256 Encryption Standard
    • Askeri ve Kurumsal Şifreleme Standartları
    • Military and Institutional Encryption Standards

HAVELSAN Diyalog is a Video Conference System which provides easy installation and management, secure, high-quality video and voice calls.

Diyalog provides secure video conference experience with user-friendly interfaces for the companies which have higher secure communication needs.

HAVELSAN Diyalog is able to work on-premise in companies, and can be used via PC and mobile devices with its web browser based interface without any need of additional application.

HAVELSAN Diyalog includes many features which are necessary for online communication in these days, such as video conferencing supporting high volume of participants, webinar, messaging, screen share and whiteboard.


- Attend meetings anytime from anywhere through any device.
- Collaborate your team via user-friendly interface.
- Set meetings with high video and audio quality through the Dynamic Video Resolution Optimization feature.
- Share your presentations, videos, graphs, custom applications via the screen sharing feature.
- Share your files securely.
- Securely send your instant messages to public or private participants without interrupting the meetings.
- Identify and authorize your colleagues by LDAP Integration.

HAVELSAN Diyalog for Webinars

- Make inspiring presentations with high volume of participants.
- Efficient moderation capability with advanced.
- Moderator privileges.
- Engage your audience by Hand Raising permission.
- Send your text messages to your audience during the webinar.
- Organize efficient trainings and academy activities within the company.


- User Friendly Interface
- Fast Meeting Organization and Easy Participation
- Participate as Guest without any need of membership
- Browser-based experience without any need of additional application.
- Dynamic Role Based User Experience with the roles of Moderator, Participant and Admin.
- Increased participation and interaction with.
- Webinar Mode and Raise Hand

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