Product Features
    • Anti-virus Protection
    • Advanced Calendar Management
    • E-Mail Management
    • Strong Search Function
    • File and Folder Sharing
    • Data Encryption
    • Document Scanning
    • Transaction Logging
    • 7/24 Access
    • Joint Groups
    • Secure Backup
    • Secure Files

HAVELSAN Drive is a secure file storage and sharing platform. The platform permits and enables users to keep and store various files in their own servers, and to have access to them from all mobile devices and computers, and to share them with others.

HAVELSAN Drive can fragment all files transferred to it, and store each fragment in a different server. As the platform keeps and stores all data in the user’s computer, it is not affected from any virus. Whatever happens to the devices of users, files kept and stored in HAVELSAN Drive are at all times secure. In the institutions, authorization can be made separately on departments and units basis. If required, data can be physically stored in different databases and thus, each department or unit can keep and store its own data in its own database.

By HAVELSAN Drive, all user and file activities such as Transaction Type, Transaction Date, User Name, Individual Name and Surname, Computer Name, Mac Address and IP Address can be logged in details.

HAVELSAN Drive can be accessed at all times in internet, at home, at office or while mobile. The files stored by HAVELSAN Drive can be shared with the authorized individuals, and can be arranged by the authorized individuals through the platform.

HAVELSAN Drive can operate on a closed intranet within a single institution and organization together with its affiliated units, or can function on internet as well.

Physical archives that cannot be backed up can also be transferred to and secured in HAVELSAN Drive. Thus, all files in the archive can be scanned, labelled, categorized and tracked. Furthermore, if and when any file is deleted, HAVELSAN Drive can easily reload all and any files and folders deleted and removed from screen. In addition, all kinds of changes and modifications made in the files are recorded, and any time slice can be retrieved whenever demanded.

All kinds of documents can be transferred and loaded from such systems as ERP and DYS to HAVELSAN Drive archive module via SOAP Web services. Similarly, the files in archive can also be transferred and transmitted to external systems through web services as well.

With HAVELSAN Drive, it is at all times to make a search by using keywords and to filter according to such criteria as file type and time interval.



Users can easily access to their data from all kinds of devices. With a user-specific panel, it is possible to access to and manage the files from mobile devices, web or desktop applications.


HAVELSAN Drive offers a secure storage area for storage and keeping of office, photograph, video and voice files (all data are kept locally at home pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Law). In addition, it also makes it possible to update and regulate the office files via scanner.

HAVELSAN Drive Modules and Their Specifications

 It makes it possible to easily backup the database files on cloud and to have access to them from everywhere.

VERSIONING: It ensures the recording of all and any changes and modifications in files in separate versions, and the instant access to any desired version whenever needed.

FILE TRANSFER: It makes it possible to transfer data rapidly and safely without any quota limitation.

OFFICE FILES: It ensures the free and online arrangement of office files and the concurrent collaboration with other users.

MEDIA ARCHIVE: It makes it possible to preview the whole media archive in its original sizes and to display the same without downloading.

FOLDER FOLLOW-UP: It ensures the automatic follow-up and tracking of one or more selected folders, and the synchronization of all and any changes in the relevant folders.

FILE SHARING: It makes online sharing of a folder or file structure with other users by using password and code possible.

DOWNLOADER: It ensures the control and management of the downloaded files.

TAKING NOTES It enables the users to take notes for themselves and to keep and store important details.

CALENDAR: It makes individual and institutional calendar formation and sharing of the calendar with any person whenever desired possible.

EMAIL: It ensures easy management of mails from a single point and performance of additional security checks thereon.

SEARCH: With the Search module, users can easily access and retrieve any files looked for.

OUTLOOK PLUGINS: This module helps direct transfer of one or more selected files and rapid formation and creation of links therebetween.

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