Civil Aviation Simulators

EASA Level-D certified Full Flight Simulators are being developed to give orientation, advanced and refresher trainings to pilots in a cost-effective and real-like way.

Main Features of and Trainings Conducted on Simulators: 
  • High-fidelity Command Loading System
  • Realistic training with Motion System at 6 DOF Freedom degree
  • Internal controls, motor startup, taxi and rule procedures, pre-takeoff/post-landing controls and motor stop trainings using the same avionic systems as the aircraft systems
  • Take-off, instrument and visual navigation, approach, “touch and go” and landing trainings using the spherical display system that provides wide-angle and high-resolution images
  • Aircraft and avionic emergency trainings using simulated malfunctions and emergencies
  • Realistic simulation malfunction situations with Smoke Generator System
  • Abnormal situations created using high-fidelity physics based aerodynamic simulation models
References: Turkish Airlines BOEING 737-800NG

Record: 10/4/2017