Computer Based Training Systems

Computer Based CBTS combines an interactive learning environment with advanced visual aids to be used in individual and collective trainings, and the interactive multimedia environment supports training both under instructor supervision and individual training. To keep attention of trainees on the training subjects, highresolution two-dimensional graphics, realistically simulated three-dimensional animations, on-screen animations and synchronized audio lectures and other similar communication tools are used. 
  • Viewing exam results and analyses
  • Access to external sources (PDF, DOC, PPS)
  • Question databank management
  • Exam management
  • Access to dictionary of abbreviations
  • Coherent and standardized training independent of instructor competencies and experience
  • Access to any amount of information at any time
  • Flexible teaching for individual learning needs of students
  • Elimination of learning differences among trainees
  • Faster and catchier training
  • Updating software contents based on authorization
References: S-70A 28D/DSAR Blackhawk CBTS, S-70B Seahawk CBTS, AS-532 Cougar Phenix I U/UL TM CBTS, KT-1 ARISIM CBTS, TESIM CBTS, WFTS CBTS, F-16SIM CBTS, T-129 ATAKSIM CBTS

Record: 10/5/2017